PEET -Red 50 lb.
Super Sweet.  Produces
non-shedding  doodles in  irish setter
KASEY - Merle 40 lb.Super
Intelligent.Paired with Kelly for
small,nonshed therapy dog
prospects. RETIRING/Spaying
SKYE-50 lb.
Smart, Goofy, Loves the water and
ALWAYS looking for something to
carry! Producer of Service Dogs iT.
**Resides in a Partner Home**
Friendly,Quiet,  Happy Little
Child Cuddler, Daughter To
**Resides in a Partner Home**
MEADOW- Creme 35 lb.
Sweet, Very Intelligent, Playful.
Paired with Bentley for small
nonshedding therapy dog
prospects in light colors.
For more information please contact:

                MOONPIE-50 lb.
Brother and sister are service
dogs iT. Will be bred with Moses
for black and merle pups with the
same phantom markings she has.
              JOEY- 30 LB.
Sweet, calm, Patient,  English
Teddy Bear Doodle-
**Resides in a  Partner Home**
                  MOSES-40 LB.
Red merle (looks cafe au lait with
spots). Placed  with a family
member who spoils him rotten!
              KELLY-25 LB.
Kelly has produced many of the
wonderful red doodles shared
on our site and Facebook page.
**Resides with Another Breeder**
        SPARKLE-45 LB.
Loyal, Goofy, Intuitive, Highly
Intelligent.  Sister to Meadow.
**Resides in a Partner Home**
                VERA-30 LB
Daughter to Kasey with her Mom's
intelligence. A clown.
** Resides in a Partner Home**
                 BENTLEY-25 LB.
Friendly, handsome fella, produces  
many of our reds and apricots.
*Resides with Another Breeder**